What are Private/Independent Schools?

New Zealand’s private (or independent) schools provide high quality education to more than 25,000 students from pre-school right through to Year 13.

What makes them independent?

Independent schools are independent in:
Philosophy: each is driven by a unique mission
The way they are managed and financed: each is governed by an independent board of trustees and primarily supported through tuition payments and charitable contributions.

What are they like?

Private schools are close-knit communities that provide students with individual attention. They challenge students to stretch their minds and go beyond academics to develop responsibility, independence, and community-mindedness.
Independent schools come in all shapes and sizes.
Our Member Schools include preschool, primary, intermediate and secondary; day and boarding; single-sex and co-educational schools. Some of our schools are religiously affiliated and others are not. They vary in size, philosophy, and educational approach.
See our Online Directory (link to come) to learn more about each of our Member Schools.